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Helen studied Economics and Management at the University of Oxford (St. Anne’s College). She then studied for a Masters in Management, Economics and Politics at the University of St Andrews.

It was at St Andrews that she first came across the South Sea Bubble, a financial crash on the London stock market in 1720. This was the subject of her PhD. She was supervised by Dr Gary Shea and funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

She then went on to do an ESRC-funded postdoctoral year at St. Andrews. She also taught there in the Economics Department. After that, Helen moved to Southampton.

Helen is currently a member of Council of the Royal Historical Society. She has also been the Honorary Secretary of the Economic History Society and also chair of its Women’s Committee.

She is on the Editorial Board of the Economic Review (a magazine aimed at high school students of Economics) and contributor to it.



Helen has appeared on television and radio, as well as providing research support to documentary makers or for exhibitions.

Public History

Helen regularly gives public talks about economic history, including the South Sea Bubble and trhe history of Britain’s role in enslavement.


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