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History of Financial Advice

This project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. The team produced a MOOC and a co-authored book called Invested.

British Library: East India Company

The project was funded by the University of Southampton. It included a live event about life on board East India Company ships. In addition, there are several pieces on the British Library Untold Lives blog.

Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal

The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Helen worked with the National Trust to help train volunteers working at the site and to provide study materials. Studley Royal was owned by John Aislablie, the Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time of the South Sea Bubble.

Hyde Bridewell

The project was funded by the University of Southampton. Helen worked with a local history group called Hyde900 to uncover the history of a local Bridewell (or prison). Volunteers discovered that people who died in the Bridewell were often buried in the nearby church of St. Bartholemew’s. Their graves had been forgotten and remain unmarked.

Church of England and Enslavement

Church of England and enslavement